I cannot show you everything this system does via screenshots, but this will give you the main points.  Best thing to do is get logged in and follow along with these instructions while you are logged in.  Once you login in this is the first screen you will see.  Click on your business name.

In the overview tab you will see items assigned to you and their status.  The calendar tab shows the due dates for each item.

In the content tab you will see all of the your website pages listed.  If you click on the name of the page it will open to show you an area where you can add the content.  More detail in the next graphic.

Once the page is open you will see the following items:

  1. Upper left - Page name

  2. Below the page name  is a colored circle,  the page status and a drop down arrow

  3. Below the page status an outline of all the pages. If there is an arrow next to the page name you can click on it to drop down additional pages. 

  4. If you would like to close the outline list you can click the three lines just below the colored dot.

  5. Next to those 3 lines is a save button!  Everything auto-saves very nicely in the system but its there for added piece of mind.

  6. In the mid section you will see the content for the for the current page.  The page name is listed in the upper left so you will know at all time what page you are looking at.

  7. As you are looking at the page content you may see items highlighted in red that need your attention.  or you may see Items highlighted in yellow that have a comment. 

  8. On the right side of the page view you can click on the comment link at the top to show the comments, if any, for that page.

If you want to create a new comment, click the area that say "start a new discussion".  Be sure to click "post" when you are done so the comment shows in that thread.  If you want to notify me of the comment, click the blue "notify people" link. 

When looking at the current comments, text underlined in yellow refers to the text that the comment was made on.

If you would like to reply to a comment, you will need to click on the comment you want to reply to.  Then a box like the one below will open for you to see the "reply to comment" option.  click there and type your reply, then click the "comment" button to add your comment to the thread.

The commenst DO NOT auto-save.  If you do not hit the comment button it will not save!

If you are resolving a comment I made ie, taking action on something I asked you to do, you can click the "resolve comment" link and that will archive the comment.

There is an option to "show" resolved threads if you ever want to see those comments in the future.

Take your attention back to the upper left where the colored circle is...

Once you have  updated, added or made changes to a page you may want to change the page status to let me know if I need to take action.

For example if i assign you a revision, once completed you can change the status to "needs review" and send it back to me for review.  My name will show there on your account with a check box next to it.

In this example I was changing status to "needs review" and I wanted to notify "chuck" my test client.  There is an option to add a comment about the status change.  Click update to save everything.

Or if the page is completed and needs no further review or edits, you would select "completed". 


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